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Get a Unique Soapstone Fireplace or Oven

Soapstone Naturally Retains & Radiates Heat

The Stove Pipe Company specializes in unique soapstone fireplaces, stoves and bake ovens. Soapstone is a natural stone material that was formed from intense heat and pressure deep within the earth millions of years ago. Soapstone makes an ideal material for fireplaces and ovens because of its natural ability to retain and radiate heat. In fact, it has been used in construction and architectural elements throughout the ages. Because soapstone can remain warm for hours at a time once it’s been heated, it’s an ideal heating source for a chilly overnight.

Here are some of the many benefits of soapstone:
  • Easy installations & Low maintenance
  • Smooth surface that is resistant to hot temperatures, bacteria & liquids
  • Easy to work with (you can use woodworking tools)
  • Higher energy-efficiency (absorbs heat faster than other materials)
  • Comes in rich colours that can deepen over time(ideal for traditional or modern décor)

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Soapstone FAQ

What is a soapstone fireplace?

A soapstone fireplace is a type of fireplace constructed using soapstone, a natural stone known for its excellent heat retention properties. Soapstone fireplaces offer efficient and long-lasting heat distribution.

Are soapstone fireplaces energy-efficient?

Yes, soapstone fireplaces are considered energy-efficient. Due to their ability to retain and radiate heat, they require less fuel to maintain a comfortable temperature. This efficiency can lead to cost savings on heating bills in the long run.

How do I clean and maintain a soapstone fireplace?

Cleaning and maintaining a soapstone fireplace is relatively simple. You can wipe the surface with a soft cloth or sponge and mild soap or a specialized stone cleaner. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubbing pads that could scratch the surface. To maintain the natural beauty of the stone, you can periodically apply a thin layer of mineral oil to enhance its color and protect it from stains.

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